Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Best Antivirus For Mac in 2018

One of the original, unique selling points for the Mac was that historically there had been almost no requirement to have antivirus software installed. 

Mac’s operating system (MacOS) 

built to withstand the barrage of malicious attacks that the internet would open them up to. It also helped that the average person would choose a Windows PC over any of the other alternatives.

Best Antivirus For Mac in 2018

As both operating systems are designed quite differently, malicious software could not target both MacOS and Windows at the same time. So naturally, 99% of all malicious malware and ransomware attacks were against Windows users.
Apple hardware has boomed in popularity in the last decade, and unfortunately for the Mac, it’s impenetrable days are long gone because of this. 
The next time you hear someone speak about how safe owning a Mac is, as was the meta argument against PC owners during the 2000s, you can now kindly educate them.

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I have tested and evaluated some of the top antivirus software that’s available for the Mac, to help you with your decision. Performance impaction, ease of use and interface design, were all taken into consideration.

Norton Security Deluxe

Norton Security Deluxe will set you back $80 a year and will allow you to install it on up to five different devices at once. This license isn’t restricted to Macs and is eligible to be used on Windows PCs and Android devices.

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Protection and security

Norton Security Deluxe continuously scans your computer, and its connections, while it is running. It also scans archived files like ZIPs and RARs. With a constant live feed to the latest threats, due to its LiveUpdate ability, your devices should always be protected from the most recent malicious threats.

AVG Antivirus

Although there is a free version available, with limited capabilities, the Pro version of AVG Antivirus will cost you roughly $60 per annum. OS X 10.8, or later, is required.

Protection and security

In the latest annual security test that all best antivirus software 2018 has to take part in, AVG Antivirus is one of the only four that managed to detect and intercept 100% of the malware thrown at it. To stay on top of the growing threats, AVG Antivirus also has cutting-edge automatic updates.


Unfortunately, AVG Antivirus has a much larger impact on idle and scan performance than some of the other options available, but when you can boast about 100% security, then we feel like that’s a decent compromise.